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It's not easy


 God, this is getting pretty ridiculous.

I am still quite injured.

And I have a bad chest cold! The left side of my chest hurts really bad and won't stop. My right knee hurts really bad and keeps jerking backwards, snapping, and generally being a pest...and won't stop.

But in light of all that...

...I'M GETTING AN MRI DONE ON MY KNEE WOOOOOO~! Thank goodness, it was apparently a long time coming! When the orthopedic surgeon learned that I had never had an MRI done on my knee even if I was going to Shriner's for most of my life (and my knee got to the point where it would just keep giving out for no reason) he was absolutely appalled. He looked up and practically yelled "WHAT?!" with this look of utter shock and bewilderment on his face. I didn't even know this could be done for the purpose of assessing soft-tissue damage in joints. I'm just glad that we'll finally figure out what the hell happened, because this is pretty crazy. Also, painful. And annoying.