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Injury by NaNoWriMo AAAAND Crazy Adventures With Germans


So, uh...I had hurt my arms by finishing NaNoWriMo in 11 days, which is stupid. Don't do it. I'm feeling much better now, though--my joints are mostly just locking up and getting into a world of pain after excess way-too-fast typing and being out in the cold, which I am avoiding. Funny--both cold and excess heat make them hurt.

...Actually, no. Not funny. Lame. ):<

With that out of the way, I have an amusing story to tell.

Today I spoke with my German cousin! She's very nice and decidedly not plant-obsessed at all, which is a relief considering all those shows I've been watching becoming related to plants at some point. I was beginning to think the whole country had some weird thing for gardening, but no, it appears to be just Bayern. And well...Bayern is Bayern. They have a lot of pretty country, though, it makes sense that everyone would have eightymillion plants.

My family does not live in Bayern (but kind of moderately kind-of-sort-of closeish to it, it seems) in the large town of Kassel, which apparently has a huge-ass park with fake things in it. I don't know why, but this sounds AWESOME MCSUPER to me. I could spend forever in a park with fake crap in it. I've always wanted to see one. (And I am absolutely serious about that. I go nuts over large-scale fake versions of other things. IDK why.) IT WOULD BE TOTALLY KICKASS TO VISIT THIS PLACE. My cousin says to come in summer or else I will die of the freezing, but I WANT an excuse to have a fancy coat and awesome boots. I haven't seen snow in like 19 years. SNOW PLZ.

Also I am wanting to visit Bayern also plz

Just to see

After watching this station for so long THERE IS NO WAY I CAN PASS UP BAYERN. I will go everywhere. Munich, wherever. I must see these people that apparently really love plants. My journey would not be complete without further investigation of this strange phenomenon.