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~Awesome Fairy Man~

WTF is up With Winston and O'Brien.


I was like, reading 1984. Again. Because it is my most favorite book in the universe. Because I found a lot of it hilarious. (Don't worry, it was well-written and put forward an important message; I just...have a weird sense of humor.)

ANYWAY, I was reading it, and among all of Winston and Julia's magical romps where they have sex, Winston tries to explain something and Julia promptly begins complaining/disagreeing/ignores him; there's the...uh...thing, with Winston and O'Brien.

Does Winston have some sort of weird daddy-issue style man-crush on O'Brien or something? D: I mean, he's totally into Julia and all...but he just. Won't. Stop. Obsessing. About. O'Brien. O'Brien's disarming glasses gesture. O'Brien's physique. How smart O'Brien looks. How he and O'Brien are TTLY gonna meet in the "place where there is no darkness." It makes it look like he's just longing for an epic, intimate revolutionary bromance here. Sure--there's the spark of hope that O'Brien is the epic key to freedom, but...seriously dude. And then there was the clinging. And the love. And...just the clinging. I'm pretty sure it didn't take much at all for Winston to get Stockholm'd into oblivion; he already seemed to be crushing on his captor harder than a hormonal twelve-year-old girl before it even happened. 

In other completely uninteresting news, I must get my third molars out. Well, at least the ones on the bottom, since they made my dentist go "OMG, WAT." This procedure must be done in a hospital, since I've got these thick operculi(?) that are doing stupid crap. I hope my teeth aren't broken when this is done, I want to use them for stupid crap.