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Damned right!

Kaiko Shiden
11 April
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Whescha's non-serious account for non-serious crap, and occasionally icons. Awesome stuff and insignificant details to be posted here, word up dog and all that slang nonsense you damned kids are using these days all up in your hoods and all that business. Expect stupid pictures and even stupider entries.

Come with me on a magical journey through...

...just...read the journal, guys.


Age: As of now, I am twenty-one. Subject to change at any moment that just might be 4/11 of the next year. Maybe.

Gender: I am a female person.

Sexuality: I am an indifferent heteroromantic asexual. You may pronounce that EEE-HA if you would like. Just call me an Ace if that sounds too weird and donkey-ish.

Random crap about myself: I am a very strange young woman. At least that is what people have told me. I am interested in a whole range of strange things, from purging my yard of Crabgrass to running around like a retard dressed as Kai Shiden or M'Quve at anime conventions, which I almost always do next to nothing at. My friends and I always end up back in the hotel room, racing each other on Mario Kart because the panels suck even more each year. Loved the Gundam panel at KK '08, though. It turned me into a U.C. purist along with my crazy U.C. purist man-friend.

Aside from that stuff, I like playing Mario Kart online and PG-swearing profusely when I lose VR, baking, drawing stupid things, listening to music, going places and complaining about said places, bothering my friends, bothering my family, bothering myself, bothering the internet, shopping for expensive electronics, reading, history, buying things online, receiving packages and wearing odd clothes. I also collect Scientology crap. It's good fun.

I am religious, but there really is no point in explaining what I am. It's way too damned complicated--but I will tell you this. What I believe in doesn't restrict what I or other people do, so don't worry about offending my delicate religious sensibilities. Because I have none. :D

I finished NaNoWriMo again. HOORAY!

But now I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands/arms. BOO.